10 Best Summer Hair Colors of 2024

Bardot Blonde

Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Bardot Blonde offers a vibrant, golden blonde that exudes richness and brightness.

Modern Moneypiece

The modern moneypiece trend has evolved into a more refined highlight starting at the eyebrow, offering a subtle yet striking accent.

Pretty Pastels

Soft hues like neon orchid lavender, peach, and denim blue are set to dominate this summer.

Lived-In Blonde

For those seeking a low-maintenance style, the lived-in blonde blends warm and cool highlights on a medium base.

Expensive Brunette

The expensive brunette trend features rich, golden tones that reflect light, creating a luxurious, glass-like shine.

Butter Blonde

Butter blonde, a warmer alternative to platinum, works well with various hairstyles and lengths.

Blended Brunette

Elevated blended browns, with caramel or red highlights, add warmth and depth to brown hair.

Old-Money Blonde

Quiet luxury manifests in the old-money blonde, characterized by finely placed highlights and a shadowed root for depth.

Cool Tones

Cool brunettes, featuring violet-silver tones, provide a classic, sophisticated look. Korab highlights this trend for those wanting a statement color that maintains elegance.

Baby Balayage

Baby balayage remains popular due to its low-maintenance and beautiful effect. Korab emphasizes the strategic highlights that grow out naturally.