10 Things About 90s Movies Everyone Misses Today

Practical Effects: 90s movies often relied on practical effects like animatronics, puppetry, and miniature models, creating a sense of realism that is sometimes lost in today's CGI-heavy films.

Iconic Soundtracks: Many 90s movies featured memorable soundtracks that became synonymous with the era.

Quirky Fashion Trends: The fashion trends of the 90s, from flannel shirts and ripped jeans to neon colors and oversized jackets, are often nostalgically remembered in movies from that era.

Blockbuster Video Stores: Renting VHS tapes from Blockbuster Video was a beloved pastime in the 90s, and many movies from that era feature scenes set in video rental stores.

Cell Phone Absence: Unlike today's movies where characters are constantly glued to their smartphones, 90s movies often feature characters relying on landlines, payphones, or even snail mail to communicate.

Practical Stunts: Action-packed 90s movies often featured jaw-dropping practical stunts performed by stunt doubles, adding excitement and adrenaline to the viewing experience.

Cultural References: 90s movies are filled with cultural references that were relevant at the time, from iconic TV shows and commercials to slang and trends that may be lost on younger audiences today.

Physical Movie Rentals: The experience of browsing through shelves of VHS tapes or DVDs at a video rental store and selecting the perfect movie for a movie night is something that many people miss in today's digital streaming age.

Nostalgic Brand Placement: 90s movies often featured prominent product placement from brands that were popular at the time, serving as a nostalgic reminder of the consumer culture of that era.

Simpler Plots: While not true for all 90s movies, many films from that era had simpler, more straightforward plots compared to the complex narratives seen in some contemporary films.