7 Facts You Didn t Know About 'Baywatch'

While "Baywatch" is often associated with American television, it gained immense popularity internationally, especially in countries like Germany, where it became a cultural phenomenon.

International Popularity

After its initial cancellation in 1989, "Baywatch" was revived and became a hit when it entered syndication in 1991, eventually running for a total of 11 seasons.

Cancelled and Resurrected

The iconic theme song "I'm Always Here" was originally performed by Jimi Jamison, known for being the lead singer of the band Survivor famous for "Eye of the Tiger."

Original Theme Song

David Hasselhoff, who played lifeguard Mitch Buchannon, not only acted but also served as an executive producer on the show, helping shape its direction and success.

David Hasselhoff's Role

While the show is set in Los Angeles, "Baywatch" featured a diverse international cast, including actors from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries, contributing to its worldwide appeal.

Global Cast

"Baywatch" spawned several spin-offs, including "Baywatch Nights," which added a detective noir element, and "Baywatch Hawaii," which shifted the setting to Hawaii for a fresh take on the lifeguard drama.


Despite being initially panned by critics for its simplistic plots and emphasis on visuals, "Baywatch" became one of the longest-running and most-watched TV series of its time, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture.