7 Meats You Should Buy At Costco 

USDA Prime Steaks

USDA Prime steaks, with significant marbling and soft texture, are expensive and hard to locate, but Costco sells them, and buying a whole roast allows for custom slicing and savings.

Japanese Wagyu

Costco sells Japanese Wagyu, the greatest steak, which is expensive but worth having for special occasions due to the animals' tight diet, intricate marbling, and intense flavour.

Wild Chilean Sea Bass

Lean and protein-packed, Costco's Kirkland Signature wild Chilean sea bass has a buttery taste and velvety texture. Due to mercury levels, it should be consumed twice a month but is sustainable and inexpensive.


For home smoking, Costco's USDA Prime briskets are popular because to their quality, shape, and price. They are usually well-stocked, but verify availability due to supply concerns.

Rotisserie Chicken

A salt solution injection keeps Costco's Kirkland rotisserie chickens fresh and meaty, making them a popular, delicious, and economical option that sells out rapidly.

Wild Caught Red King Crab Legs

Due to supply concerns, Costco's red king crab legs are pricey yet popular for special events. They're lean, protein-rich, and nutrient-rich.

Kirkland Signature Smoked Salmon

Costco's Kirkland Signature smoked salmon's velvety texture, buttery flavour, and suppleness make it ideal for lox or treats, but it's heavy in sodium, so eat it sparingly.