7 Must Have Trader Joes Finds For April

Spring-Inspired Snacks: Dive into the season with Trader Joe's selection of spring-inspired snacks, from crispy snap pea crisps to tangy lemon cookies.

Fresh Produce Picks: Don't miss out on April's fresh produce offerings at Trader Joe's, including vibrant asparagus, juicy strawberries, and crisp baby spinach.

Floral Flavors: Explore the floral flavors of April with Trader Joe's unique offerings like lavender-infused lemonade and fragrant jasmine rice.

Easter Treats: Get ready for Easter with Trader Joe's assortment of treats, from chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs to pastel-colored macarons.

BBQ Essentials: Stock up on BBQ essentials at Trader Joe's, including marinades, rubs, and sauces perfect for grilling up delicious meals in the springtime sun.

Global Cuisine Gems: Transport your taste buds with Trader Joe's global cuisine gems, such as Thai green curry simmer sauce or Italian truffle cheese.

Healthier Options: Find healthier options at Trader Joe's for April, like refreshing cucumber mint yogurt dip or protein-packed quinoa salad kits.