7 Simple Diet Tweaks That Will Transform Your Skin

Researchers observed that teens who drank more milk had more severe acne. Only by cutting out these highly reactive meals for 21 days can you determine their effects.

Ditch the milk

The necessary fatty acids, or good fats. Fats generate your skin's natural oil barrier, which keeps it moisturized and prevents irritation and premature aging.

Up your fat intake

Vitamin C, their superstar ingredient, synthesizes collagen and prevents wrinkles. Low-sugar foods like berries include antiaging antioxidants like resveratrol

Bring in more color

It links to collagen to generate AGEs, which impair skin suppleness. Beware: Cold turkey fails. Use a slow-but-sure approach to quit sugar.

Get rid of sugar gradually

Protein shakes start my day best. Non-soy, non-dairy protein powder, unsweetened coconut milk, berries, kale, and flax or chia seeds make a quick, full, fat-burning, skin-friendly breakfast!

Boost your protein

Red wine has antiaging resveratrol and green tea has skin-protecting polyphenols. Thirst indicates dehydration, harmful to skin. Filtered water hydrates cells, keeping nutrients in and contaminants out.

Drink up

A proper multivitamin helps replace nutritional gaps you may not receive from meals. Glowing skin comes from several vitamins and minerals.

Choose your supplements wisely