7 surprising ways you're getting sun exposure

More than 90% of aging wrinkles are caused by accumulated UV exposure, I tell my patients.


Can you see crimson, spidery veins around your nose and cheeks? UV light causes them. People who say they have broken blood vessels are misguiding.

Broken blood vessels

Your freckles started when your mother took you outside for the first time.

Brown Spots

Blotted or mottled skin with dark and light areas is common. Sometimes red discolouration is present. Cosmetic concerns like this do not imply a medical condition.


A protective face mask has also helped with melasma, which causes dark areas on sun-exposed facial skin, especially on the cheekbones.


After continuous sun exposure, temples and cheeks develop clusters of blackheads due to decreased skin suppleness.


Different from an acute sunburn. A permanently crimson, net-like, or patchy darkening over the lateral neck and central chest is poikiloderma

A red neck