8 Best Way To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown Too Fast

Proper Storage: Store bananas away from direct sunlight and heat to slow down ripening.

Separate from Other Fruits: Keep bananas separate from other fruits to prevent them from ripening too quickly.

Use Plastic Wrap: Wrap the stem of bananas in plastic wrap to reduce exposure to ethylene gas.

Keep in the Fridge: Refrigerate bananas to extend their shelf life and slow down the ripening process.

Lemon Juice Bath: Dip sliced bananas in lemon juice to inhibit browning.

Freeze for Later: Freeze overripe bananas for use in smoothies or baking.

Use Vinegar: Dip bananas in a mixture of water and vinegar to prevent browning.

Keep Whole: Keep bananas whole until ready to eat to preserve freshness.