8 Inspiring Patio Decorating Ideas to Reinvent Your Outdoor Space

Arrange a Living Plant Wall

Mount potted plants on a blank wall to refresh your outside environment. Inside designer Tori Rubinson fills containers with low-maintenance trailing plants, succulents, or herbs.

Upgrade an Outdoor Rug

A DIY "block print" adds flowery flare to a plain rug. Bless'er House blogger Lauren Shaver created a design on a Cricut, outlined it using a washable marker, then filled it in with white acrylic paint.

Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Designer Mary Patton adds color to this hardwood dining table with two bright yellow wrought iron seats at either head.

Make a Canopy Bed

This unique bed will transform your patio into a calm retreat for resting or snoozing. Designer Tammy Price adds linen draperies and a sheepskin topper for comfort and seclusion.

Create a Conversation Space

Place two couches or a sofa and two chairs across from one other to promote discussion. Tim Pfeiffer of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer chooses a coffee table for snacking and stools that function as drink tables or additional sitting.

String Up Lights

Warm string lights can create a pleasant and welcome patio, as Create & Cultivate's Jaclyn Johnson suggests.

Set the Table

Decorate the outdoors with bright glasses and exquisite dishes. Meg Young of Caili ni Coastal enhances the outdoor setting with fresh flower arrangements and tapered candles of varied heights.

Use Artificial Grass Between Pavers

Install artificial grass between patio pavers for low-maintenance. Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors adds comfortable seating around an outdoor fireplace.