8 Low-Maintenance Flowering Bushes That Not Require Constant Attention

Carolina Allspice

Known for its fragrant flowers and leaves, the Carolina Allspice is easy to maintain with a strong branching system that can handle high winds and thrive in both shade and sun.

'Miss Kim' Lilac

Resistant to powdery mildew and less affected by frost, this smaller variant of lilac is ideal for smaller yards and blooms late.

Caper Bush

Native to the Mediterranean, this fragrant flowering plant is often used in cooking and thrives in a variety of soils, including gravelly soil.


Blooming from spring to autumn, this drought-tolerant shrub is easy to grow and adaptable to most soils.

Meyer lilac

Once established, this pinkish flowering bush becomes low maintenance with deep roots that tolerate drought well.

Rose of Sharon

This drought and heat-tolerant plant needs consistent watering when young but requires less care as it matures, adapting well to small yards.


Known for its white, spiky flowers and fragrant aroma, this plant thrives under almost any condition or temperature.

Indian Hawthorn

This low-maintenance bush with white, cherry blossom-like flowers is perfect for warmer climates and requires little watering.