8 Simple Stretches for Your Tight, Achy Back

The cat-cow, also known as the cat-camel, is a calming and energetic yoga stretch that combines two poses.


A common stretch in Pilates and yoga, Child's Pose (Balasana; 'bala' means child and'sana' means posture in Sanskrit) provides a much-needed break after a strenuous workout.

Child's Pose

This stretch lengthens and releases tense muscles in your glutes, erector spinae, and lower back.

Knee-To-Chest Stretch

This exercise, as its name implies, releases tension in the lower back and spine by gently twisting the body.

Seated Spinal Twist

A postural shift brought on by lower back discomfort frequently results in lordosis, or a more pronounced curvature of the spine, and a tilted pelvis.

Pelvic Tilt

An adaptation of a traditional Pilates practice, the shoulder bridge stretch helps release tension and stiffness by lengthening the back muscles and mobilising the spine.

Shoulder Bridge

In addition to relieving tension and helping you reposition and activate your core muscles for improved stability throughout your body, the standing roll-down increases the space between your vertebrae throughout your entire spine.

Standing Roll-Down

Lower back pain may result from your pelvis rotating forward due to tight hips.Your hips will open up as a result of the figure four stretch, which also helps your lower back relax on the mat.

Figure Four