8 Summer Hair-Color Ideas That’ll Make You Glow This Season

Perfect for dirty blondes or brondes, this gold, honey, and caramel balayage brightens and warms up your look effortlessly.

Caramel Blonde

Deep brown hair gets a sunkissed lift with subtle toffee and caramel highlights, making curls look ultra-flattering.

Toffee Brown

Chocolate brown curls dipped in honey or gold create a stunning shade that catches the light beautifully.

Gilded Cocoa

Gold-flecked copper is a hot, vibrant choice for redheads, giving hair a bright and lively appearance.

Bright Copper

Achieve a beachy vibe with natural-looking caramel highlights on rich, chocolate brown hair.

Caramel Mocha

This cool, pearl blonde shade against a buttery backdrop offers a sparkling champagne effect.

Pearl Blonde

This sweet orange-pink shade pairs beautifully with light blonde, perfect for a coordinated hair and makeup look.


Blend golden blonde, rich caramel, chestnut, and dark brown for a multi-dimensional, flawlessly growing-out look.