8 Things to Never Do in the United States, According to Americans

Under-Tipping or No-Tipping

Tipping is a fundamental component of the service sector in the United States. Ignoring or, worse, leaving a meager tip can be seen as a clear violation of the unspoken laws of respect.

Speaking Loudly in Public Spaces

In the U.S., volume and personal space often have an inverse relationship. While some cultures embrace loudness, Americans typically prefer a quieter environment, especially in places like public transport and libraries.

Misunderstanding Personal Space

Americans tend to consider personal space as a kind of ten-foot pole that should not be used to poke anyone.

Bringing Up Politics at the Dinner Table

Dinner talks in the United States are best enjoyed without a political rain float; they are lively and festive, much like the Thanksgiving parade.

Health-Food Judgements

In the USA, some people take the adage "you are what you eat" quite seriously. It is guaranteed to rile up some kale when one judges the eating choices of others, regardless of how healthy they may be.

Disrespecting the Flag

The "Star-Spangled Banner" is revered as a holy symbol. When the national anthem is playing, assume a respectful, somber stance and refrain from utilizing the flag in any way that could be interpreted as disrespectful.

Frowning at Small Talk

Small chat is the foundation of social connection for a lot of Americans. Sighing in European existential disdain, dismissing it can come across as offensive.

Driving on the Left Lane

In the United States, passing is frequently permitted in the left lane. Remaining in it can result in irate drivers going on tirades and tailgaters who have forgotten their manners from kindergarten.