9 Foods You Absolutely Should not eat for Breakfast

You will crash from the sugary carb high in breakfast before the morning is over. It can make you hungry and cranky in the middle of the morning. You could choose cereal, but you need to pick the right kind.

1. Sugary Cereals

There is a lot of sugar in pancakes and waffles that come in a box, and we all add a lot of butter and syrup to them on top of that. Like foods with a lot of sugar, these ready-made meals will make your blood pressure go up.

2. Packaged Pancakes and Waffles

Donuts are deep-fried, covered in honey, filled with cream, jelly, and sugar do I need to say more about why they're not the best choice for breakfast? On the weekends, donuts are fine as a cheat meal.

3. Donuts

Muffins, especially wheat muffins, look like they should be okay, but they're really just cake. Up to 800 calories can be in muffins from bakeries and coffee shops, and the sweet treats won't keep you going all day.

4. Muffins

This one breaks my heart as a New Yorker bagels are not a good idea for breakfast. Nutritionists say that one bagel is about the same as four or more slices of white bread.

5. Bagels with Cream Cheese or Butter

Grass bars and breakfast bars make you think that you are eating healthy when you aren't. Even though some breakfast and cereal bars are healthy, they can have as many calories and sugar as sweets.

6. Breakfast Bars and Granola Bars

It might sound like an egg, meat, cheese, and bread, with maybe some veggies thrown in, is a good mix of all the food groups, but it's not. The breakfast tacos and sandwiches that get a lot of attention

7. Breakfast Burritos/Breakfast Sandwiches

Many store-bought shakes have a lot of sugar, cream, and whole milk, which is too much fat for breakfast. Making your own drink, on the other hand, would be better.

8. Store-Bought Smoothies

People who don't eat breakfast often choose to have a coffee or juice for breakfast, which isn't the best idea. Even if it's a "healthy" green drink or orange juice, it still has too much sugar and not enough protein and calories.

9. Only Liquids