Best garden shrubs: 10 stunning varieties to plant in your yard


Loved by hummingbirds, this spring-blooming shrub features tubular flowers and a graceful arching shape. Reblooming types offer sporadic blooms throughout the summer.


Known for its gorgeous blooms, camellias are evergreen shrubs that flower from late winter into summer, depending on the variety. Check the plant tag or description for specific information.


Bright yellow blooms of forsythia appear early in spring, even before the foliage, making it a cheerful sight after winter. This easy-care shrub can also serve as a privacy screen

Butterfly Bush

Fast-growing and attractive to pollinators, butterfly bushes feature compact varieties that range from one to five feet tall. They are not invasive and bloom abundantly.

Shrub Rose

Easy to grow and disease-resistant, shrub roses are hardy and come in various cold-hardy varieties. They are among the easiest types of roses to cultivate.


Old-fashioned lilacs with fragrant blooms ranging from pale pink to deep purple are classic spring bloomers. New compact and reblooming varieties are suitable for smaller gardens.


With bell-shaped flowers in various colors, abelia blooms in late spring and is suitable for mixed borders. New cold-hardy varieties are available.


Showy spring flowers in various colors contrast against glossy green foliage. New cold-tolerant varieties are available, but dappled shade is essential for their growth.

Rose of Sharon

Blooming well into fall, rose of Sharon features flowers in pink, white, lavender, or blue. New columnar varieties are suitable for small gardens.


This spring-blooming shrub has a mounded form with gracefully arching branches. Some types are low-growing and can serve as ground cover.