How to Make a Salad You’re Actually Excited to Eat

Prep your greens appropriately.

You must rinse your greens before packing them if you're not purchasing prewashed or triple-washed produce.

Use a combo as your base.

Use different types of greens to vary the flavour and texture.

Switch up your salads by the season.

Produce that isn't in season might taste bland and significantly alter the flavour of a fresh salad.

Skip the greens altogether.

There's no requirement that a salad include them: Instead, try one or more additional raw vegetables.

Give tough greens like kale a little TLC.

Raw kale is coarse and requires massaging before consumption. However, if time is short, shredding it is a quick alternative.

Add fruit—and experiment beyond blueberries.

Fruit and vegetables together are a fantastic way to enhance a savoury dish.

Seasoning your salad is a must.

To bring out the flavour in everything, even salads, seasoning is necessary.

Aromatics add a whole lot, too.

Casey Thompson, executive chef at the three-time Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant Folktable in Sonoma, enjoys lightly sautéing or frying onion and garlic before incorporating them, not just in cooked dishes but also in other culinary applications.