The 8 Polite Habits That Grocery Store Employees Secretly Dislike

Using Checkout Dividers Correctly

Place dividers lengthwise on the conveyor belt to prevent it from moving and to create space between your groceries and the next customer’s items.

Paying with Change

Avoid counting out loose change individually; hand over what you can and let the cashier count it to speed up the checkout process.

Letting Employees Bag Groceries

Allow store employees to bag your groceries efficiently rather than packing them yourself, which can slow down the checkout line.

Questions about Products

Ask department staff about seasonal produce or specific items instead of expecting cashiers to have detailed product knowledge.

Limiting Chit-Chat

Keep friendly conversation brief during checkout to maintain efficiency, respecting the cashier’s need to scan items quickly.

Filling out Checks

Avoid filling out checks completely at the register; most machines can process blank checks efficiently.

Separating Produce

Keep different types of fruits and vegetables separate on the conveyor belt to ensure accurate scanning and inventory tracking.

Loading Items Efficiently

Place heavy or multiple items like cases of beverages on the belt for scanning, minimizing unnecessary handling for both you and the cashier.