Top 9 Love Songs of All Time

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston 

Whitney's powerful rendition of this heartfelt ballad has become an anthem of enduring love.

Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

This soulful classic captures the longing and devotion of true love with its haunting melody and impassioned vocals.

Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Elvis's crooning voice and romantic lyrics make this song a timeless declaration of love's inevitability.

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

With its tender melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song beautifully encapsulates the feeling of being in love and cherished by someone special.

At Last by Etta James

Etta James's soulful rendition of this romantic ballad perfectly captures the joy and fulfillment of finding true love.

Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole's velvety voice and the lush orchestration make this song a timeless ode to the enduring power of love.

Your Song by Elton John

Elton John's heartfelt lyrics and melodic piano accompaniment create a beautiful tribute to the simple yet profound experience of falling in love.

Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Adele's soulful interpretation of this Bob Dylan classic resonates with its raw emotion and heartfelt sincerity.

Something by The Beatles

George Harrison's timeless ballad is a poignant tribute to the depth and complexity of romantic love, with its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics.