Types of Camellia That Will Bring Your Garden to Life

This flower shines out with its candy-like blossoms and shiny green foliage in April Dawn. April Dawn Camellias have white petals with candy-like pink streaks.

April Dawn Camellia

Blooms are 4-5 inches wide and vivid crimson. These have bright green leaves too. The Camellia bush provides a beautiful background for its spring-fall blooms.

Australis Camellia

This Camellia tree is a drama queen and grows quickly. Even the little Camellia blossoms that haven't fully flowered expand up to show off their beauty!

Ballet In Pink

Camellia Japonica Black Lace has dark green leaves that are unusually dark. Its flowers are almost double. The small shrub has leathery flower petals and glossy green foliage.

Camellia Black Lace

Camellia Black Magic blossoms are unique. With its highly serrated leaves and black blooms, they are gloomy and brooding yet nevertheless beautiful.

Camellia Black Magic

These medium-sized blooms bloom 3-4 inches and have the most beautiful twisted pink petals. With time, this Camellia tree blooms in spring.

Bonnie Marie